Geddy Warner is a New York City based singer, actor, teacher, performer, and researcher originally hailing from the distant and unknown land of Central New Jersey. He is currently a PhD candidate in Performance, Composition and Voice Research at New York University and is a graduate of the NYU Steinhardt Master of Music Program in Classical Vocal Performance with an additional Advanced Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy. He also received his Bachelors in Music from  NYU and was the recipient of the Presser Scholar Award for Academic Achievement and Leadership. 

An avid and well-versed performer, Geddy has been active in the operatic circuit both locally, and internationally. With a focus on text driven communication and finding truth within a character, Geddy has been afforded the opportunity to perform leading Tenor roles such as Tamino in Die Zauberflöte, Frederic in The Pirates of Penzance, Robert in Le fille du tambour major (Franco American Vocal Academy), and Le Chevalier in Dialogues of the Carmelites to name a few. 

Geddy has also begun to establish himself performing new operatic works in the NYC area. In 2019, Geddy worked with Dell’Arte Opera during their season, which was committed to promoting two brand new operatic works of up-and-coming female composers and librettists. The first of which, Geddy covered the lead role of Prince Hjalmar in Princess Maleine, which was written by librettist Bea Goodwin and composed by Whitney George. Geddy also played the role of Henry Ward Beecher in the scenes production of Mrs. President composed by Victoria Bond. For his role as Henry Ward Beecher, Geddy was touted as "scarily convincing in his role" by VocediMeche.Reviews and "provocative... built to a climax... to create a most thrilling battle of whits and bodies" by Parterre.com. Geddy was also slated to perform the role of The Bishop of the Puebla in the new opera Juana for Dell'Arte's 2020 season prior to postponement due to COVID-19. 

In 2018 Geddy also performed the role of the Doctor in the premier of Tony Manfredonia's new opera titled Ghost Variations, which is about the final few years of the life of Robert Schumann and how his mental illness affected the life of his wife Clara Schumann. 

With a desire to also make opera accessible to a new generation, Geddy has worked with City Lyric Opera for several seasons. City Lyric Opera's mission is to make opera “Accessible, Relatable, and Entertaining." He has been seen in their productions of L'elisir d'amore as a featured tenor and Le tragedie de Carmen as Zuniga. In 2020, Geddy also performed the role of Mattais in City Lyric Zoom production of The Three Penny Opera.

As a teacher, Geddy has worked as a Graduate Adjunct Voice Faculty Professor at NYU Steinhardt from 2018 through the present and was noted for his highly compassionate and innovative teaching style. While teaching at NYU, he has maintained a large studio of both private and NYU students teaching a range of styles, (Classical, Musical Theater, Pop, Jazz, RnB, and Rock), as well as a wide range of skill levels from beginner through advanced. He has been noted to have "a warm and disarming presence" as well as "a thorough knowledge of how to help the voice grow" by both students and peers. 

Geddy has also begun his own research into ventricular fold phonation with the desire to create a possible form of communication should an individual lose partial or full use of their true vocal folds. His current focus in his PhD is on the neurological connection between ventricular fold phonation, and how it develops in practicing ventricular fold users. He hopes to use this research to further the understanding of ventricular phonation and potentially provide a plausible and functional alternative means of communication to those who need it. 

In addition to his career as an operatic singer, voice teacher, and researcher, Geddy is also an avid songwriter, creating a large output of music that covers many genres including, Alternative Rock, Soft Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Jazz, and Heavy Metal 

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