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Everyone has a story to tell. No matter how big or how small, every person was given a voice to bring that story to life. My goal as a teacher is to help give a student the tools to unlock their most free and expressive voice so that they may tell their own story. There is no one size fits all for the voice, because just as every body is different, every voice is just as unique and individual. In a lesson, my aim is not to mold a singer into someone else, but allow them to find, cultivate, and explore their own unique sound that is the most efficient vocal production possible. 

The methodology I utilize is rooted in an approach that emphasizes optimal breath energy, resonance, and physical connection by using tactile tools that will help a singer to heighten their proprioception. It is difficult to teach a singer to feel a new sensation that they have never felt before without first understanding what that sensation may be and how to access it. The tools I employ focus on allowing the singer a new self-awareness to create vocal ease and freedom that is aimed to rid them of the inherent effort that many associate with singing. Vocal ease and freedom gradually grow from an unidentifiable phenomena to a habitual instinct. 


It is my belief that anyone can sing. It is not a talent, but a skill that can be honed just as well as any olympic athlete hones their abilities. By creating an open, encouraging, and supportive environment, I not only hope to cultivate and foster the growth of this wonderful skill, but allow for the joy that comes through creating to also begin to shine through. Everyone was given a voice to tell their story, and they deserve the chance to tell that story how they want. 

I am  available for both in-person and virtual lesson  


"I truly enjoyed my experience working with Geddy. We started our lessons with me not really having any directions regarding my singing, but Geddy was extremely patient and was able to guide me with his unique vocal exercises. Geddy has a remarkable ability to precisely hear the differences in my voice that I couldn’t capture, and he was able to guide me based on those observations. I was glad to discover that my voice sounded better and more effortless only after a few weeks. Besides his strong professional capabilities, Geddy is also very kind and easy to talk to. I strongly recommend working with him." - Ulysses Zhang

"Geddy is a wonderful voice teacher! He was very responsive and helpful. He would give clear instructions and adjust well if the result wasn’t what we both wanted. He is encouraging and supportive while still pushing you to do your very best. He helped me to sing notes I never thought I could! My lessons were always productive and fun at the same time. If anyone is beginning voice lessons for the first time, I especially recommend Geddy. He knows how to help you get comfortable in you own voice and learn how to best use it!"

- Madison Conkle 

"In the months that I have worked with Geddy, he has really helped me get comfortable and reach the potential of my voice. His tools that he uses to build good vocal habits are the best methods I've ever had from any vocal teacher. In the past, I was confused by how other vocal teachers would describe techniques, but Geddy transformed all those concepts into easily digestible tools and instruments. He has helped me come a long way from when I started and it was definitely worth it!"- Sean Tanabe

"My friend, who had five years of professional vocal training, recommended Geddy to me after seeing me pull my throat in Karaoke and fail to reach for high notes. I have taken lessons with Geddy for just a few months and my vocal range went up two whole notes. Geddy provides the most organic and healthy training by always making sure nothing is harming my vocal cords. Besides improving my vocal ability, Geddy also emphasizes a comprehensive study of the performing arts, by demonstrating emotions and acting techniques." - Jack He

"Geddy Warner is an amazing teacher who taught me so much about singing! I learned a lot and was very inspired to continue my studies. My vocal and stylistic range expanded dramatically while working with him, as well as my confidence. And even on the days when I was not at my best, he was still able to make it a productive and enjoyable lesson. I am so grateful for the time I spent with him as my teacher." - Esther Brodsky

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